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Increasingly HR teams are looking to mobile strategies and social media to spot the right talent says Paul Finch, managing director, Konetic

HR teams are increasingly focusing on ongoing talent management; nurturing home-grown stars and succession planning to ensure that the business has the right skills and creativity to fulfil future strategy. But few companies can rely entirely on internal resources to fill all the gaps. They also have to find ways to attract the right people through the door in the first place.

And yet, even in times of high unemployment, getting good people is, of course, easier said than done. According to the BBC, three-quarters of British businesses believe that a skills crisis will hit within the next three years, with over two-thirds (68%) fearing that these shortages will put the brakes on the economic recovery. This was reflected in a recent poll carried out by Konetic, where 86% said that “finding new ways to attract the right candidates for current roles”, was their main concern. 

In this climate, it’s essential to maintain a good employment brand by ensuring that candidates are treated courteously and that the values of the business are upheld. The aim is to leave even unsuccessful candidates with the best possible impression of the company as a forward-looking and exciting organisation. 

Part of this is accepting that many potential candidates will be browsing the job sites on their smartphone or tablets. Employers will be looking at and communicating through LinkedIn or other social media sites; messaging through these sites rather than emails. This link between technical innovation and reputation is underlined in a recent Forbes article about Social HR by Jeanne Meister. She predicts: “For one thing, this year we’ll see more forward-thinking HR leaders making the connection between having a solid social media strategy and finding top talent. After all, 47% of ‘millennials’ now say a prospective employer’s reputation matters as much as the job it offers.”

One respondent to our survey from the banking industry put it more directly: “We used to make graduates jump through hoops, but we are now courting them. They need to be able to apply on their tablets and mobiles. We also need to use social media – very important.” 

In fact, our survey suggests that many HR teams have already embraced social media. A substantial 80% said that they are using it for sourcing and hiring new staff. However, this was offset by the 78% who said that using social media in this way is a major challenge.

Both percentages are surprisingly high and together they paint a picture of frustration and suggest that HR teams are still trying to get it right. The key to this could be in the relatively low number with mobile-friendly careers or corporate sites (in our survey, 35% and 37% respectively). Half of those we polled were not even sure whether their company had future plans to implement one. Despite this, a significant 64% said that they wanted to offer their candidates a better mobile experience.

While it still seems difficult to imagine that many people would want to write their CV on a mobile – even millennials have their limits – there are many other ways that mobiles are being used in the application process. Most mobile careers sites that do exist are an ideal vehicle for sharing information about jobs and for making the application process easier.

A survey by Glassdoor found that 43% of candidates read the job description on their smartphones just 15 minutes prior to their interview. While this is not something many employees would want to encourage it illustrates how many people now expect to be able to access information almost instantly at any time.

It is also an ideal way for both the candidate and the business to make appointments for interviews – or for the employer to send out alerts when there are positions to fill. This is especially useful when a company holds a talent pool either of unsolicited CVs of good candidates who didn’t quite fit the role offered. “We quite often interview people for a job and decide they aren’t quite right, but go back to them in the future and offer them something else. So improving the way in which we create and manage our talent pool is something we need to work on,” one HR manager told us.

But it’s a question of identifying where mobile can add real value, concentrating resources on these areas and not wasting time on apps that are just for show.

It seems that now more than ever, the pressure is on for HR teams to invest in the right eRecruitment technology to enable them to reach out on social media and mobiles to attract the right people. Yet, any solution must enable them to do this in a way that upholds their brand values and maintains their business’s reputation at all times. 

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Paul Finch, managing director Konetic

LinkedIn: Paul Finch, managing director, Konetic

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